Dairy and Sweeteners Analysis February 8, 2021

Dairy and Sweetener Analysis February 8, 2021

Dairy and Sweeteners Analysis Group Functions and Responsibilities

DSA serves as the Farm Service Agency’s (FSA’s) primary analytical resource for formulating, developing, analyzing, and evaluating national program policies, determinations and program alternatives for dairy, livestock, and sugar (sugarcane, sugar beets, crystalline fructose, and honey), including detailed summaries of impacts on supply, demand, price, income, and CCC outlays.

DSA staff produce a broad range of analysis assessing USDA commodity program and policy effectiveness. To keep the agricultural sector informed and to support USDA administrators and policymakers throughout the Government, DSA staff performs the following functions:

• Collect primary data from the sugar and honey producers and publish periodic summaries.

• Develop and maintain a comprehensive data base and efficient retrieval system for assigned commodities to improve the analytical support and streamline the decision making process for policy planning.

• Monitor, analyze, project, and report developments related to dairy, livestock, and sweeteners such as stocks, production, utilization, prices, income and other aspects of potential interest to policy officials.

• Prepare CCC/Agency budget plans and cost estimates, program policy dockets for CCC Board consideration, regulatory and cost/benefit analyses on proposed and final rules of national program policies, determinations, and legislative reports.

• Prepare, analyze and/or review legislative alternatives and proposals developed by Agency/Department, introduced by members of Congress and others; Agency/Departmental and Congressional testimony and statements on policy and programs; press briefing materials; public correspondence, and other economic materials for dissemination on national program policies and determinations.

• Assist other divisions in development and analysis of programs administered by them.


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